Louie’s Cocktail Lounge

Happy Hour

Louie’s Cocktail Lounge

Music Club
Sports Bar
Pool & Darts

Open Daily

7 am to 2 am

Happy Hour

7 to 10 am – 4 to 7 pm

(916) 362-9151

3030 Mathers Field Rd.
Rancho Cordova, Ca. 95670

Satellite TV

Football – Baseball – Soccer
12 – Wide Screen TV 55″
1 – Wide Screen TV 70″
1 – Projector TV 110″


1 – Wide Screen TV 55″
2 – Heaters Surround
Overhead Misters
*all smoking and drinking friendly

Beer, Wine, Cocktail & Happy Hour Menu

Louie’s has some of the finest professional mixologist that can be found in northern California ,and are ready to take your order and insure you have a great time at Louie’s Cocktail Lounge and Music Venue. We have everything from 9 ice cold beers on tap, a great selection of Wine, and a large selection from well drinks to topshelf libations.

Louie’s Ice Cold Beer On Tap


Breaking Bud

Blue Moon

Coors Light

Bud Light




Louie’s Bottled Beer

Bud | Bud Lite

Coors | Coors Lite

Corona | Extra


Louie’s Wine Selection


Per Glass

Bogle $7
Castle Rock $7
Cos Du Bois $7
Dunnigan Hills $7
Gnarly Head $7

Cabernet / Merlot

Per Glass

Cos Du Bois “Cab or Merlot” $7
Park Ave Cabernet $7
Decoy Cabernet $9.5
Mouseback Cabernet $9.5

Specialty Wines

Per Glass

Bianchi Zinfonel $7
Bianchi Sauvignon $7
Mossback Pinot Noir $9.5
Sonoma Cutrer Pinot Noir $9.5

House Wines

Per Glass

Woodridge Splits
Merlot $4.5
Chardonney $4.5
White Zin $4.5
J Roget Champange $4.5


Club Rules

* Friday and Saturday nights dress code strictly enforced after 9pm.

* ID’s checked by security on Friday and Saturday night starting at 9pm. must have a valid id to enter.

* Last call 1:30 am. complementary water.

* Soda available for purchase until 1:55 am

Dress Code

* No, Durags, Bandanas or Hoodies Up

* No attire or colours affiliated with any gang or club (Support Attire Included)

* No saggy or baggy clothing, pants and shorts must be appropriately sized and held at the waist.

* No tank tops on men

We reserve the right to refuse service or entry to anyone.


If you prefer to pay with cash, we have an ATM for your convenience.


We have free Wifi internet access. Ask the bartender for details.


We have a HUGE parking lot with plenty of free parking.


(916) 362-9151

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